March 2017: Outsider musicians ’Soviet Jazz’ releases infinite remix-album.

The Multidimensional Jazz Machine is an album by outsider musical act Soviet Jazz, released digitally through all the usual channels. However, it is first and foremost available at where the listener can generate an almost infinite number of unique* remixes.

The Multidimensional Jazz Machine cover art
see huge cover

Ever since the dawn of electronic music, critics have questioned whether real music can be created by just the pushing of buttons. Soviet Jazz attempts to answer this question, and then some, by saying that the buttons are actually superfluous. The machines can (and should) create music with the human factor wholly removed from the equation.

Soviet Jazz is Peter Karlsson and Kristoffer Persbrandt. For the past 10 years they have been active in the outskirts of Stockholms experimental and electronic scene, with a handful of albums released via Ominous Recordings and Acustronica behind them.

*To those interested in numbers, there are some 2*10200 possible configurations of the machine, where each generates a mix that will run for an indefinite amount of time.

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